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Trainer | Tobias Albert

It all began in 1996, when I was first introduced to the fascinating world of the vacuum technology. This complex and impressive technology absolutely inspires me - and still does till this very day.  
Starting out as  a technician for vacuum pumps and systems at Leybold Systems in Hanau/Germany, I had the privilege of learning and gaining know-how expertise in virtually all practical issues related to operation, repair, and maintenance on various types of pumps and systems.

In 2001, I was appointed responsible to perform extensive tests concerning helium leaks and vacuum performance on our Large Area Coating Systems at Applied Materials in Alzenau/ Germany. These tasks are just to mention a few of the many other on-the-job-skills from where I have gained my knowledge and experiences about the complex interactions that occur within these sophisticated vacuum systems.  In charge and being the main contact person to support all of our international customers in regards to any vacuum related issues, it was routine practice to make “emergency trips” for trouble-shootings on site.

Meanwhile, I also had the opportunity to share my expertise to our customers through seminars and on-site trainings.  I took the challenge of putting together an adequate portfolio for training purposes. I have trained various customers around the world and claim more than a decade of experience of being the expert and consultant for applications within the subject of vacuum technology.

Now, the time has come to provide this extensive expertise to my clients. Incorporating every student with his unique experience, precognition and need is focal point of the way I provide training. It is important to me to teach with reason and understanding, but in an easy-going functional manner.




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