Did you feel in the past annoyed by the common procedure of calibrating your vacuum gauges?
•    Disassembling the gauge, cable and display
•    Install replacement (or shut down)
•    Waiting, while the gauges are being calibrated
•    Then reinstalling the gauges all over again

VTS offers a solution to this with our mobile calibration equipment. We offer factory calibration at your site from 1000 hPa down to 1E-5 hPa. During planned down times of your systems i.e. scheduled maintenance or shut down periods, we can calibrate your equipment. To carry out calibration we usually do not need full supply or usability of the vacuum system. We create the necessary pressures independently with our mobile calibration equipment. This method can help you to avoid down times and reduce cost. This procedure is the most economical version for our customers that have 3-5 systems to be calibrated.

Upon request, we also  offer the common way of factory gauge calibration in our laboratory.





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