Vacuum Consulting and Trouble-Shooting 

•    Your maintenance team was working hard, but the system is still lacking performance
•    Pumps, Valves and Gauges are exchanged without significant improvement
•    Vacuum Pumps or Gauges have a rather short lifetime
•    Produced batches showing always or sometimes similar failures
•    Under certain conditions pumps are nose-diving
•    Unclear pressure rises or changes during production
•    Seemingly random quality deviation

Does this ring a bell? 

Through our comprehensive experience with various vacuum systems from different manufacturers, VTS is able to support you in such situations fast and competent to achieve your goals.  Together with your team, we’d examine your system on site to find the explanation to your problem.

Sometimes it can be simpler than you think!  In many  cases, we might even be able to help you remotely on the phone or  could possibly recommend some simple tests to be carried out by your service team in order to trace the root cause.
Don’t hesitate and get in touch.





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