Helium Leak Check

VTS offers leak checks according to the various standardization systems e.g. DIN EN, ASTM and ASME, your specific description, internal standards for components, complex modules or even the complete large volume systems. We also offer complete vacuum certification of used or new systems. Mainly we use helium spray testing, sniffer testing or the bombing procedure for small and hermetically closed parts.

Neither size of the objects nor the place of testing is much of an issue. For larger test volumes we can loan you the right sized vacuum pumps or even pump sets to enable economical testing time. Because of our highly mobile design equipment, we can execute testing directly at your location or in our lab. Just get in touch with us in order to make the necessary shipping arrangements.

Unfortunately, to identify possible leaks and to repair them is often not enough to get to the core. Other disturbance factors could also be influencing your vacuum systems negatively.  Experience reveals that this is what usually happens and this is a very common situation. Read more: Vacuum Consulting







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